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   2018/2019 Application for Ordinary Diploma - Currently : Open - Deadline: 08-Sep-2018

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DIT Bank Account No: 0150408417800 - CRDB BANK,



Application Procedures

  • Step One :: Read Application Requirements 



Minimum Entry Qualifications for Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL4-6) Programmes

In order to qualify for admission into Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL4-6) Programmes, a candidate must be a holder of a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with at least four (4) passes (i.e. D grade or higher) in Physics/Engineering Science, Mathematics and Chemistry and any other subject excluding a religious subject.

For admission into the Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 4-6) in Science and Laboratory Technology, Biomedical Equipment Engineering, Food Science and Technology and Biotechnology applicants must be a holder of a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with D grade or higher in Physics/Engineering Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.


Possession of General Certificate Course in Engineering (GCE).


Holder of a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with a minimum of D grade in Mathematics and National Vocational Award (NVA) Level III or Trade Test Certificate of Grade I in the relevant field offered by VETA accredited Institution.




1.Step One: 

Pay Application fee of Tsh10,000 for Tanzanian applicant or Tshs equivalent to USD10 for Non-Tanzanian applicant to CRDB Bank: 

DIT Bank Account No: 0150408417800 - CRDB BANK,



Prepare a list of Scanned documents for Attachments All Applicants must have

  1. Recent Digital or Scanned Passport size Photo (Scanned passport size photo must single and in full page).
  2. Scanned original Birth Certificate .
  3. Scanned original Bank Payin Slip.


Applicants with education certificate not awarded by NECTA or Application with Equivalent Education Certificatees such as GCE

  1. Scanned original Certificate and its equivalent Education Certificate from NECTA .
  2. Scanned original Birth Certificate .
  3. Scanned original Bank Payin Slip.
  4. For those with VETA Certificates must have a Scanned Veta Certificate for attachment.

  • Step two :: Sign Up

Click on the sign up link on the navigation menu to start. Carefully select your correct current education level. Remember your form four index number or other Index numbers as requested and password which are to be used to login to the system for further application steps. For applicant with foreign certificate, remember your email address and password. Provide all your basic details and then login to start your application. NB: You must provide a valid email address (Active email Account) and Active Mobile Phone Number

  • Step Three :: Login 

After completing sign up, click on the Login Button or link on the navigation menu, then enter your login ID (form iv index No) and password to login. 
**NB: For applicants with CSEE awarded by NECTA. Use your form four index number that was provided during signing up.
            For those with Foreign Education Certificates, use your email address as a login ID. 

     *** NB: Courses and Choices Selections

  • Select your preferred courses by priority. You will be required to select 6 courses from available list in each priority choice.
  • You should be ready to be selected in one of the 6 choices of your preference, since no change of programme will be entertained once the admission has been offered.
  • Submissions of forged, certificates or any false information is a criminal offence and will be handled according to the laws.

To all Applicants:: 
The Institute will post the date of releasing the selection on this system and on the Institute's website. All selected applicants will receive notifications through their accounts in this system. You will have to login to view the course which you have been selected or to view if you are not selected

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Education Certification(s) Verifications
NB: All Information to be entered must be valid and From your Education Certificates
* Means Mandatory/Required Fields.
Index No format: Sxxxx/xxxx/xxxx or Pxxxx/xxxx/xxxx . e.g S0200/0004/2010
Secondary Education*
Form IV Index No/Equivalent*
In case of Multiple Sittings Use the Latest Index Number

Other Education Qualifications
Campus you are Applying For*
Specify the Campus You are applying for.
Login Information
Remember your Email Address and Password. They are needed for Login to the system to finish Applying
Email Address*
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